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Multi-Platform Open Annuity (Low Cost Annuity)

London & Colonial’s Multi-Platform Open Annuity is the Low Cost version of our New Open Pension utilising a carefully selected Investment Provider Panel. 


It combines some of the essential elements from income drawdown product and a conventional annuity, including

  • investment control;
  • the ability to vary income;
  • lump sum death benefits;
  • Second Life Nominations;
  • 10 Year Guarantee Period;
  • Charity Nomination options;

The Multi-Platform Open Annuity is a cost effective decumulation solution, which is flexible and with no "lock-in", can evolve in line with your clients changing financial requirements, throughout the whole of their retirement.

Benefits to clients:



  • Regular product and income reviews – to ensure that the best available rate is always received
  • Periodic reassessments enabling clients to benefit fully from age or health related rate increases
  • No ‘tie-in’, for the duration of their retirement, to the same low fixed levels of income 



  • Higher levels of income than available through Capped Drawdown or a conventional annuity
  • Income available at 120% of the average of the best 3 annuity rates available (including enhanced/impaired rates)
  • Choice over the amount and frequency of income payments



  • Remain fully self-invested while decumulating funds
  • Access to wide range of asset classes and services across the Platform panel
  • Ability to change the Platform without changing the annuity product


Please remember that investment based annuities carry a higher risk than conventional annuities, which means that their value and the income derived from them can fall as well as rise and you may not benefit from the full amount invested.



  • Fully flexible product, with no ‘lock-in’ – unlike conventional annuities
  • Ability to alter their level of income throughout retirement, as personal circumstances change
  • Add or change the nominated second life at any time
  • Annuity protection lump sum death benefits available
  • 10 year guarantee period without reducing the annuity income  


We also offer free upgrade options as circumstances change including:

  1. Convert to the London & Colonial New Open Annuity – to access a wider range of investments
  2. Option to convert to a conventional annuity at any time


London & Colonial do not provide either financial or investment advice and this type of service is not suitable for everyone which is why we recommend that all applications should be made via a Financial Adviser.

Please note: It is a requirement of the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC), the Gibraltar regulator that applicants must at all times have access to financial and investment advice throughout the life of the annuity, Non advised applications will not be accepted.


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