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EU Open Annuity (Full Annuity)

London & Colonial's EU Open Annuity provides offshore clients with both flexibility and control, when it comes to the chosen amount of income taken and the investments selected. It is also available to non UK residents.

Benefits to clients:

  • Allows choice and control over annuity investments
  • Ability to vary the amount of income payable
  • Mortality profit paid to cell shareholder when the annuity ceases
  • 10 Year Guarantee option available

London & Colonial do not provide either financial, investment, tax or other advice and this type of service is not suitable for everyone which is why we recommend that all applications should be made via a Financial Adviser.

Please note: It is a requirement of the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC), the Gibraltar regulator that applicants must at all times have access to financial, investment and tax advice throughout the life of the annuity, Non advised applications will not be accepted.


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