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Multi-Platform International Open Pension (Low Cost QROPS)

London & Colonial’s Multi-Platform International Open Pension (QROPS) is the Low Cost version of our International Open Pension utilising a carefully selected Investment Provider Panel.


This Gibraltar-based personal pension scheme, just like our International Open Pension, is able to accept contributions and transfers from other Pension Schemes.


It is primarily aimed at individuals with existing UK pension fund(s) and would benefit from transferring their pension fund overseas and/or for those who may already have funds invested in a QROPS, but are looking to switch providers.


It meets the requirements set by HM Revenue and Customs as a pension scheme that can accept transfers from a UK pension scheme, without incurring an unauthorised payment tax charge.*


It provides a cost effective solution, whilst retaining all of the essential elements associated with our full International Open Pension (QROPS) product.


Individuals currently working in the UK, and who are planning to return back to their country of origin, may also benefit from transferring their funds to a Multi-Platform International Open Pension.   


For more information concerning the Multi-Platform International Open Pension, click here to access the product downloads.


* Please Note: Any transfer from a UK registered pension scheme into a QROPS will be classed as a benefit crystallisation event, and as such will be tested against HMRC’s current Lifetime Allowance. In the event that this Lifetime Allowance is exceeded a tax charge will apply.


London & Colonial do not provide either financial or investment advice and this type of service is not suitable for everyone which is why we recommend that all applications should be made via a Financial Adviser.


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