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London & Colonial teams up with TAM Asset Management to bring investors a socially responsible pensions solution

04/01/2014 | Download PDF

  • Investments screened for environmental impact, social responsibility and animal welfare
  • Investors given opportunity to participate in charitable donation scheme

London & Colonial has joined forces with TAM Asset Management Limited to provide those investors seeking a retirement strategy that fully empathises with their ethical values with a socially responsible pension offering.

This socially responsible investment opportunity will offer investors the option to access, through London & Colonial’s pension products, the broad selection of investment opportunities currently available through TAM Asset Management’s comprehensive range of risk-rated socially responsible portfolios. The portfolio risk range of Defensive to Adventurous, have all been screened as to their socially responsible credentials.

Adam Wrench, Head of Product and Business Development at London & Colonial, said: “The adoption of a more socially responsible approach to investing is becoming ever more popular as an increasing number of clients wake up to the realisation that effective long-term, sustainable investments have the potential to be just as profitable as the more traditional types.

“We firmly believe that this opportunity will offer clients an attractive and balanced combination of expertly managed investment options, whilst assuring that the socially responsible issues and ethical considerations that are important to us all are fully met.”

Lester Petch, Chief Executive Officer, TAM Asset Management, said: “London & Colonial for many years now have been at the forefront of providing innovative and creative retirement solutions, and we are delighted to be working alongside them to bring to the market a risk graded socially responsible pension offering.”

“Socially responsible investing is gathering momentum, and we are confident that our range of portfolios will provide investors with the perfect solution.”

The investment options offered by TAM Asset Management, and available through various London and Colonial products, have all been reviewed for their environmental impact, in terms of social responsibility, and after consideration for animal welfare.

Those clients who do opt to invest through the London & Colonial Multi Platform SIPP will automatically be given the opportunity to participate in TAM Asset Management’s “You Give – We Give” charitable donation scheme. The scheme allows the client to donate part of their annual pension income to a pre-determined charity of their choice, with TAM Asset Management matching clients’ donations with the same percentage from its asset management fees.

In addition, Investors will also be given the option to leave either part, or all, of any fund value remaining upon their death, to a charity or charities of their choice.

Any crystallised death benefit lump sum would normally be subject to a 55% tax charge, however where this payment is made to a charity then it will be totally tax exempt - thus increasing substantially the value of the “gift”.


For more information, please contact:

Matt Godwin London & Colonial 020 3479 5505
Fiona Bond Holt PR 020 8334 8354


Notes to Editors

About London & Colonial

London & Colonial specialises in self-invested products for both UK residents and persons resident overseas.
The London & Colonial Group includes
(1) London & Colonial Holdings Limited – UK parent company
(2) London & Colonial Services Limited which is regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority and operates SIPPs and SSASs
(3) London & Colonial Assurance PLC which is regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (matching UK standards) and which offers Open Annuities, QROP Annuities and Open Offshore Bonds
(4) L&C (Administration Services 2) Limited and London & Colonial (Trustee Services) Limited which are both based in Gibraltar and offer the EU SIPP.

About TAM Asset Management Limited

1. TAM Asset Management is a product provider of discretionary investment management services and offers these products through professional financial advisers. The company can trace its roots back to 1938, from its humble beginnings as a stock broking firm in the City of London to becoming the discretionary asset management division of one of Europe’s largest financial services firms. Today, TAM majority owned by its management is committed to preserving the values of innovation, honesty and client service which has allowed it to build its reputation as a fully transparent, high service provider of discretionary portfolio services.

2. TAM offer four product ranges:
a. TAM Premier – A fully bespoke discretionary portfolio service for accounts £100,000 and above.
b. TAM Focus – A range of model portfolios for client accounts £10,000 and above.
c. TAM Centum – An investment solution for regular contribution schemes (i.e. regular savings and work place pension schemes)
d. TAM Ethical – A range of model portfolios for socially responsible in investors. Uniquely investors can select to donate a percentage of their annual gain to a charity of their choice; a donation TAM will match (in percentage terms) from their annual management fee.

3. The TAM Platform – TAM have developed their own proprietary platform specifically for the management of discretionary portfolios. All clients can access their portfolios online and are able to generate comprehensive reports and portfolio analysis at any time.

4. The TAM Website can be found at:

5. For further information please contact:

Lester Petch
TAM Chief Executive
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7549 7650 

Allan Noel-Baker
CityRoad Communications
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7248 8010