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London & Colonial History

The Company first started life back in 1988, as Select Pensions Limited (now known as London & Colonial Trustees Limited), having initially been formed to provide services for Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSASs). Specialist consultancy services to pension industry professionals followed, in the form of technical analysis and training, literature and documentation drafting, as well as expert witness provision and third party administration services.

In 1995, directors Ken Wrench and Robin Ellison established The Fiduciary Corporation (now known as London & Colonial Services Limited), to offer Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) and SIPP related services. This subsequently led to NPI becoming the first company to offer a branded version of our SIPP, and for whom all of the necessary functions, apart from that of the role of Provider, were also carried out by the company in-house. 

In 2001 London & Colonial Holdings Limited was formed with a view to raising the capital required for the formation of a new Insurance Company. This new insurer, London & Colonial Assurance PLC, commenced trading in March of 2002 and based in Gibraltar in order to enable the use of the corporate “cell” structure recognised within that jurisdiction; the Company developed and launched an investment linked decumulation product – the Open Annuity.

London & Colonial Assurance PLC is passported into the UK under the relevant EU provisions, the Open Annuity was marketed to Financial Advisers and proved to be exceptionally successful.

In April 2006, new rules and legislation relating to pensions, came into effect which left most pension and annuity products requiring modifications. As a result of the new legislation the Open Annuity was no longer offered, but was quickly replaced by the New Open Annuity.

October 2008 saw the various companies within the group brought into common ownership under London & Colonial Holdings Limited, who now own 100% of each of the companies within the group.    

Current offerings from London & Colonial group of companies include:

-          STM International Pension Plan

-          Simple Investment SIPP

-          Open Pension (SIPP)




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